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Debs Quaile

Captain of a global organisation Debs still finds time to hit the vocals with her teenage regressed rock band.

Debs grew up in a very noisy household with four younger brothers. Her father played piano and she spent many happy hours standing by the side of his baby grand (which now has pride of place in her music room) listening or singing jazz, blues and country numbers. Unfortunately although she had vocal training she was badly affected by nerves and would frequently lose her voice when trying to perform in public. Some of you may find that hard to believe and may truly wish for the peace and quiet of those halcyon days!!

About eight years ago her three sons Jimmy, Rob and Geo, who are all involved in music, encouraged her to sing again. The first foray into the rock scene was as backing vocalist with local Farnham band 1Bar2Far. For the first few gigs she just played the tambourine and mimed a lot but fortunately for her the band were very supportive and she remained with them by the skin of her teeth for about three years. During this time she also went on to sing with the Guildford Choral Society and Schmooze, an all-girl harmony group. Her children, not to mention her husband Andrew, are all probably regretting that early decision but there is no turning back now boys!!

Debs has now reached the heady heights of both lead vocalist and manager (or is it mum??) of her own rock band RZA which formed about five years ago. The band play a mix of sets from jazz, country, blues and rock – anything goes really! She is delighted to be able to work with such talented guys and is hoping to persuade them to perform live at Glastonbury one year. The band has grown from strength to strength and boasts a great horn section, trumpet, trombone and saxophone. The icing on the cake for Debs is the added bonus of having her sons involved in the band. Rob has now joined as backing vocalist full time and Jimmy, Rob’s twin brother and Geo make the odd appearance here and there as required on drums and vocals respectively.

Highlight of last year was playing at a one day music festival at Sandown. RZA were meant to be the welcoming band for the occasion but suddenly found themselves playing alongside The Four Tops, Temptations, Heatwave, Rose Royce, Alexander O’Neal & Earth Wind and Fire! What a great experience and a fantastic day of music!!

When not involved with the band or trying to fit in work Debs enjoys sailing, meeting up with friends, fitness training, reading and playing the saxophone.

All this aside Debs remains grounded even finding time to eat thin crust pizza and downing a San Miguel in one, or the occasional (?!) Vanilla Vodka or two with her mates!

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Debs Quaile
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