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Rob Oram

Robert Oram was born in July 1981 in Frimley, Surrey and currently lives in Basingstoke.  He decided he wanted to learn to play the piano when he was 6, after composing his first piece of music on a harmonica. He then started having piano lessons aged 7.

After leaving school, he attended Farnborough Sixth Form college where he continued to study music and gained an Outstanding Personal Achievement award in composition. 

Since leaving college, Robert has been involved with a number of musical projects.  These have included composing music for small theatre productions and dance troupes.  The demand for his music has enabled him to play at venues across the country.  Although he has mainly performed as a solo artist, he has been involved in a variety of different bands and ensembles.

He is currently the store manager of Dawsons Music in Basingstoke, which is where he can often be found learning his solos for RZA!  Outside of work and music, he has a keen interest in aviation and photography.

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Rob Oram
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