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We love to have good people say great things about us!
If you have any feedback from a RZA gig please send it through to:

Thank you for your mail. We had a great time on saturday night and were thrilled to help out in a worth while cause and well done for raising so much money. If your doing any more fund raising for her please let us know. we would also like to know when your doing any more gigs as we would love to come along.
See you soon x Jane & Bob

We all had a great time on Saturday night !! Everyone said you were fantastic !! I thought you were brilliant ! You must have all been shattered ! Fantastic to raise £1300 though! Well done !
Sue & Andy

Thank you so much for a great night we all really enjoyed ourselves, and thought you were great. In fact you’ll probably see our dodgy dancing again in the future!
Jane & Charlotte

We had a great time Saturday - don't often get the chance to boogie and all for a good cause.Excellent result, fantastic sum. Charlotte and I thought you were all FANTAASTIC and we definitely want to make our booking for 10th May a firm one!

As usual it was a great gig. I love seeing RZA its always such a great atmosphere and great music, I was still ranting about the bass player on Sunday morning. We went home and I watched the Liverpool/Middlesborough game till 1:00 in the morning. See you soon...
John & Val

We really enjoyed it and you and your new expanded band were excellent! I am sure you were nervous – it was incredibly well attended.
Debbie & Jerry

It was a great evening and we really enjoyed ourselves and the music was GREAT! Well done - you must have been exhausted on Sunday!
Jacqui & David

You were fantastic! OF COURSE. Great choice of numbers. And the brass were a great addition too.
Nerissa & Hugh

I really enjoyed it. You and the boys are so talented.

You and your band were absolutely fantastic! All the guests had such a great time including the kids. It made it such a special day for us and we can't thank you enough. We'd love to organise another party tomorrow just to have you guys along again. The brass players were fabulous and complemented the group so well. Everybody asked where we had found such an outstanding band.
Many, many thanks again for making this such a wonderful day for us.
Chris & Jenny

Debs Quaile hitting the high notes
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